How To Get Your Start Up Team RIGHT

Yes it can sound like a cliché but it means everything. Take inventory of your collective team to unite and build the best foundation for your business; colleagues, executive leadership, stakeholders and investors.

To build a synergistic team it is essential that you and each member on your team have a deep understanding of your individual goal and the generally understood team goal to have a solid situational awareness before moving forward into go-to-market planning. This is important because in the final hours of a critical project, something could go wrong and everyone ‘in the bunker’ needs to be ready to set sail into uncharted waters, together. If you are building a team or have inherited a new one, this intra perspective is useful when looking for complementary and synergistic attributes from the team synergies.

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Big time goals and aspirations take significant time— so learning about your team from an all-around perspective is very beneficial. I’ve lived the final hours approaching the climactic moment everyone on the team worked hard to attain. Then, the unthinkable arises. When you are in the trenches of a marketing plan cycle, it’s human nature that the individual takes into account how the current atmosphere is going to affect them personally. Every team member’s plan A and back-up plan must align with the brand and marketing goals, so there are no surprises. It is critical that as a collective and on an individual basis, each person knows their potential and limitations.

For example, let’s suppose we have a new startup team to launch a bitcoin business with a focus on crypto technologies. One co-founder wants to be hands-on and build a long-term, sustainable company that performs well with slow growth for the long-term and the other co-founder is interested in quick returns by raising funds and growing to achieve a swift and lucrative payout exit.

This misalignment of ideals, goals and over-all objectives can be easy to spot and caught early by flushing out these glaring differences and understand the risks that they could create. The leadership team’s needs along with their objectives, missions, stakeholder expectations, and perceived competencies need to be discussed and balanced.

In the early going of building a business or marketing plan you’ll also research about the major assets in the strategic endeavor you are undertaking— be it products, services, segments, growth rate projections, etc. and look at your business intelligence or marketing analytics to identify potential exploitable gaps and opportunities to exploit. This is also a great stage to learn more about your team and the interesting anomalies that can come about because of unique skill sets and personal passions, and then find a way to leverage that unique value all the way into the marketplace.


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