Discover and Tell Your Story! A Global Luxury Hotel Brand Testimonial – Behind The Scenes Script and Choreography Planning

Pro-style Story Telling Builds Brands

(Previously published in case materials for Kostak Lecture, GW School of Business)

In our final behind-the-scene series of how to tell stories that build stronger brands utilizing professional film and videography, we’re re-publishing our creative and choreography scripts that can used as a template for your own endeavors.

Final Cut >>

Aerial View of JW Marriott Venice Resort & Spa
(Final Testimonial Production – BroadSoft Success Story – JW Marriott Venice)

1. Final Creative Brief

Story Board Framing

World-class property J.W. Marriott Venice (JWMV)

Systems integrator – Fourteen IP

Technology Service Provider – The Voice Factory

Technology Manufacturer – BroadSoft

THEME”EXPERIENCE is EVERYTHING!” = 1) The hotel guests’ experience, 2) the hotel’s best practice experience and 3) technologist/innovator partners experience!

HIGH LEVEL MESSAGE: BroadSoft’s HospitalityCloud enables customers to realize their loftiest goals for customer engagement, experience and satisfaction, including staff productivity.

●     BroadSoft’s motto is to “work simple”.

●     BroadSoft’s communications philosophy is that each individual’s work domain should be open, mobile and secure. *note: “MOBILITY” = key word for Hospitality

●     BroadSoft’s subject matter expert partners like Fourteen IP help bring industry-specific communications solution together for customers.

Work. Simple.




●     Grab authentic responses / human reactions

●     a. smooth, seamless transition (non-disruptive)

●     b. professional team who know the hotel business

●     c. the team rose to the opportunity, meeting/exceeding expectations

●     d. the PBX proposition is no longer valid and cloud embeds communications services into operational workflows to elevate the guest experience to a whole new level of convenience and satisfaction. Guest service processes are faster, hotel saves money and gaining flexibility in adds/moves/changes


When a hotelier sees this video they will be impressed how:

●     A world-class hotel is passionate about what they do and willing to innovate and lead technologically.

●     Best in-class partners integrated the best of what they do to minimize the customer’s risk and seamlessly move to them to the cloud, operating a high availability hotel communications solution.

●     How a BroadSoft HospitalityCloud solution improves guest experience and simplifies hotel operations.

When BroadSoft industry partners see this video they will be impressed how:

●     Fourteen IP has garnered trusted partner status with an iconic global brand

●     BroadSoft enables partners accelerate time to new service revenue quickly with minimal upfront investment.

●     BroadSoft is partner-friendly, respecting the partners need to grow and sustain their own brand.

INTRO SHOT – approach to JWMV from Venice air shot from Venice looking at island, cut to last leg of boat ride up to entrance (there are many shots of this on YouTube already done for them – investigate B roll that may already exist to cover this; Sam can also use drone shots)

INTRO NARRATIVE – (This section very fast paced and energetic. Basically a highlight reel of the resort. Quick cuts matching the intro narrative; let’s see if some JWMV staff/partners/friends could act as “guests” in some shots, since we’ll have limited ability to actually feature guests… but we do want to show people… eating, cheersing wine glasses, smiling, etc.)


JW Marriott Venice Resort & Spa is a new world-class resort & spa located on its own private island just off the island of Venice in Italy. The ultimate luxury retreat for romantic breaks and family escapes, it has 280 rooms, boasts the best Spa in Venice, features 4 restaurants, 4 bars and a rooftop lounge area with pool offering a dramatic 360-degree view over Venice. And this IS Italy, so guests especially enjoy surrendering to elegant rooftop dining offering innovative cuisine from every corner of Italy!

TRANSITION SHOT – through the doors and to the areas where the staff is busy making good on the promise of a world-class unique guest experience (VISUAL OF LEATHER BOUND BOOK BEHIND COUNTER AT GUEST CHECK IN THAT HAS BROADSOFT LOGO -define in detail what to film, devices, hardware, software screen shots, backroom, etc.)

TRANSITION NARRATIVE – Voiceover: The cuisine at J W Marriott Venice Resort & Spa isn’t the only innovation that guests will experience! It’s challenging for hoteliers to create a unique and specialized guest experience across properties with diverse communications, and so, on the menu is a robust and integrated, cloud-based communications service, served up 24/7 in real-time and purposely lacking an island attitude.

To modernize their infrastructure and transition to the cloud, Marriott ultimately chose hotel systems integrator Fourteen IP – front lines of this project, communications software systems manufacturer, BroadSoft and hosted communications service provider, The Voice Factory.

Fourteen IP is a premier communications service provider specializing in property solutions in the hospitality sector. Evolution Voice is approved by Marriott across Europe and The Americas. BroadSoft is the leading global provider of unified communications and collaboration (UCC) services. BroadSoft delivers carrier-cloud-based unified communications, team collaboration and analytics-driven contact center applications globally. BroadSoft sells their software suite through premiere reseller/service providers such as The Voice Factory. BroadSoft’s Hospitality group is a Marriott supply partner for their properties all over the world. Fourteen IP has a long-standing partnership with BroadSoft and their Evolution Voice portfolio is powered by BroadSoft.

A Cloud communications solution not only addresses their IT needs, but more so, allows the Marriott team to shift attention from machines, to guests. J.W. Marriott properties are always exploring to achieve new heights of guest experience and satisfaction, staying true to their brand and category leadership. Today, behind the resort scene, Fourteen IP works with Marriott management and staff to leverage the technology to the benefit of productivity and guest experience.

CHALLENGES – During the multi-year construction build-out, the hotel had no fixed telephone lines to the island and had internet service over a satellite link.

Interviewee #1- Hotel IT Manager: “{name/title/responsibility; pain points; goals} We had…” (talking points: risk, complexity, poor reliability, slow speed..) ; “Our vision was …” Talking points: fast, reliable island-wide communications – telephony/radio/messaging – within our budget and delivered, seamlessly, on-time. Key takeaway: I want leading edge but simplified – reducing communications technology management, high-mobility but also reliability – and of course, must be cost effective.

Interviewee #2- Fourteen IP’s PM Liam (Main Project manager) {name/title/responsibility} – outside on property walking “as you can see this beautiful property all around us…it had some special challenges when it came to communications….” “we knew early on that a telephony system in the cloud would be ideal for them and that this would be the perfect project to work on with BroadSoft- our GO-TO provider and trusted partner for cloud-based UC” key takeaway: Global innovators, service providers and integrators – BroadSoft, The Voice Factory and Fourteen IP are trusted and can be counted on.

SOLUTION – (shot of staff, guests, technology in use, devices, collaboration; *B roll, more happy guests *B roll, staff productivity, collaboration.) Fourteen IP and BroadSoft worked together with the JWMV team and came up with the right solution, respecting the need for availability, staff productivity, and guest experience.

Interviewee #1- Hotel IT Manager: (*This point could be another good time to utilize some motion graphics to visualize emphasize “Single point management” in the cloud. Exterior wide shot of hotel, motion graphic overlay, different respective icons connecting in the “network”?) “We made our decision based on …..We went with Fourteen IP’s Evolution Voice service powered by BroadSoft. We felt that it was the perfect cloud-based communications solution for our unique property’s needs, but more-so, we knew we had the right vendor partner team to make this happen! The solution includes some 280 Hotel Guest Licenses, 50 Hotel Lobby/Meeting Room Licenses, 130 Hotel Office Licenses and a range of Yealink T42-G, T48-G and W52P SIP Handsets. What’s significant, particularly for OUR property is that we have NO premise telephone system! And our services run flawlessly with wires running off the island! (*Motion graphic idea – “Reliable island-wide communications: aerial shot of the Island… lattice/network of lines overlay on the video and spread out, representing the telephony/radio/messaging – all while mobile! *various staff using devices. Guest “actors” communicating with staff over their devices, etc) Features included guest and associate voicemail, wake up services and call accounting.” It’s practically eliminated the need for a backroom and —- cloud benefits ->single solution, interoperable, open, full-featured; reduced complexity i.e. add/change/remove feature packs as hotel requirements change, cost effective (benefits from working with Fourteen IP and BroadSoft – professionals, SMEs, smooth seamless transition, the kind of service a 5 star property expects) key takeaway: move to cloud with SMEs and best-in-class technology. My job is no lesser important, but much easier in many ways – single point management in the cloud, security is in the cloud and automated, simpler to capture costs and report. And at the core of it all we have carrier-grade technology with a high SLA – it’s always on – we count on it, our guests count on it. These guys really deliver


Interviewee #3- Hotel Owner/Manager: {name/title/responsibility} (sitting down speaking about the Marriott brand promise, guest experience and how Fourteen IP, BroadSoft and The Voice Factory’s partnership with them has enabled; streamlined operations, happier, more mobile and productive staff; better guest experience all the way around) (*B roll happy staff, collaborating, serving guests. *B roll pleasant guest experience.) Key takeaway: Fourteen IP and BroadSoft are trusted partners at our table when we’re deliberating on how next to innovate and enhance guest experience. You know in Italy, much happens at “the table”…bread, great food, great Chianti!, discussion, business etc. If you’re a hotel property manager still doing things the old way, get these guys to YOUR table, now.

Interviewee #4- Marketing Communications Manager w/ Interviewee #1 Hotel IT Manager

#5 is walking with #1 and #2 – #5 is talking high level reviewing the benefits, talking passionately about their staff and guest experience; intra-property connectivity (spa, restaurants, grounds; single solution, innovative) key takeaway: we feel that we have a communications solution that is of the same value and stature as the rest of our 5-star guest services. We want to be as innovative as any property management team that’s in New York City, Paris or Singapore….but within the context of where we are and who we are. Thank you Fourteen IP and thank you BroadSoft. SALUTI!


Narrator- Ron Tarro, EVP, BroadSoft Hospitality:  In this final scene we get to see who’s been talking to us for the past 3 minutes or so when we show BroadSoft’s EVP of Hospitality, Ron Tarro, strolling by a property’s front desk talking to us at the same time the staff is welcoming him and he’s saying hi back to them while confirming his check in and dining choices on his smartphone.

Our new tagline “Work. Simple.” will be unveiled at Connections 2016 in San Antonio in November. Let’s have Ron’s last line be “at BroadSoft we feel honored to be one of many innovators helping to define the future of work. So, when it comes to unified communications …Work. Simple.”


2. Voice Over & Story Flow

Voiceover & Story Flow – Condensed Essentials


Set on a private island in the Venetian lagoon… the JW Marriott Venice Resort and Spa is an experience of true luxury.

280 rooms, Four restaurants, four bars, the largest spa in Venice, and St. Mark’s Square minutes away…. make it the ultimate place to stay in one of the most iconic and beautiful destinations in the world.


●     JW Marriot people talk about their brand promise, their goal with guest stay experience.


To deliver on this promise…. JW Marriott Venice needed a powerful and proven native cloud based solution, and they needed it fast.

It was up to BroadSoft, and their premier partner Fourteen IP to deliver a superior guest experience with Cloud PBX… defined by simplicity, on-demand scalability, and advanced analytics.


●     Liam

●     IT Manager pt2


The Answer, was BROADSOFT HOSPITALITY – an integrated and mobile-first cloud PBX, UC, team collaboration and contact center solution… with deep contextual intelligence and app integrations supported by expert services.


●     Mix of all interviewees: Ever since then: (Results, Results, Impact). All the good results… and why it matters. How it let’s them work simple.

VOICEOVER: (Closing “Value Prop Summary” Montage)


Visual (Quick shots corresponding).

Reduced complexity and expenses.

Liam & Andrea collaborating. Server room?

Enhanced coverage and mobility.

Guest using mobile phone on edge of pool.

Improved communications and productivity.


Transformed unified communications.

1)   Back office communication. 2) Housekeeper cleans room, keys in code on handset, auto attendant voice says something in Italian.

Experience… is everything.

Ron walking toward camera. Delivers line looking at camera. Looks down and checks in on mobile. (Floating graphic timed with his check in). Waves to front desk.

And it’s all powered… by BroadSoft.

Ron look up again to the camera after waving to the front desk. Delivers his line to the camera.

Original Full Script:

On Screen

Voice Over


Island Approach into Lobby

JW Marriott Venice Resort & Spa is a new world-class resort & spa located on its own private island just off the island of Venice in Italy. The ultimate luxury retreat for romantic breaks and family escapes, it has 280 rooms, boasts the best Spa in Venice, features 4 restaurants, 4 bars and a rooftop lounge area with pool offering a dramatic 360-degree view over Venice. Guests especially enjoy surrendering to elegant rooftop dining offering innovative cuisine from every corner of Italy!

Concierge / high-touch service goings on

The cuisine isn’t the only innovation on the menu that guests will enjoy! Creating a unique and enhanced guest experience across hotel properties is a top priority today and so the JW Marriott Venice Resort & Spa also provide a robust and integrated, cloud-based communications service, served up 24/7 in real-time. But it took the dedication and skill of the expert teams at Marriott, BroadSoft, Fourteen IP and The Voice Factory to bring this to fruition.

IT Mngr Interview

Name/title/Company fade in and out on picture bottom to start

Staff at work & on devices / B-roll

Fourteen IP is a premier communications service provider and BroadSoft partner specializing in property solutions in the hospitality sector. Their cloud-based hotel communications solution Evolution Voice is approved by Marriott for use across Europe and The Americas. (about BroadSoft) BROADSOFT is the technology innovator in cloud communication, collaboration and contact center solutions for business and service providers across 80 countries. As the market leader for cloud unified communications with an open, mobile and secure platform trusted by 25 of the world’s top 30 Service Providers by revenue, BroadSoft Hospitality empowers users and teams to share ideas and work simply to achieve breakthrough performance. [or the elevator pitch: BROADSOFT BUSINESS or BROADSOFT HOSPITALITY provides an integrated and mobile-first cloud PBX, UC, team collaboration and contact center solution with deep contextual intelligence and app integrations supported by expert services – all to reduce complexity and expense while enhancing flexibility, mobility and productivity.]

Open, mobile and secure graphic appear one at a time and fade out when talking “about BroadSoft”

Liam Interview

Name/title/Company fade in and out on picture bottom to start

Back Office ops & staff/guests on devices / B-roll

Cloud PBX is rewriting the rules on how hoteliers can deliver a superior guest experience through simplicity, on-demand scalability, and advanced analytics. BroadSoft and a premier partner like Fourteen IP, enable hoteliers to experience the full benefits of cloud-based communications.

IT Mngr Wrap up Interview –< Housekeeper keypad signoff

Name/title/Company fade in and out on picture bottom to start

Key highlight fades in and out:

●     No premise phone system

●     Single solution

●     Full-featured

●     Reduced complexity

●     Services run flawlessly

Consider arial shot of island with lattice network lines overlaid and pulsing representing communications coverage?

Ground shots / Events going on / People collaborating & on devices / B-roll

The stakes are high; the new digital customer journey is transforming the very nature of how staff interact with customers and amongst themselves! BroadSoft industry-focused partners like Fourteen IP help bring purpose-built communications solutions together for customers. – the enhanced guest experience created is as critical to success as the product or service being sold.

Sales & Marketing Mngr Interview / Roof-top/Sagra transition back n forth?

Name/title/Company fade in and out on picture bottom to start

For the smartphone shots use the hologram effect to show the screen I sent over Sam


proven native Cloud-based solution not only addresses IT needs but also allows the Marriott team to shift more attention from machines, to guests. J.W. Marriott properties are always exploring to ways to achieve new heights of guest experience and satisfaction, staying true to their brand and leadership.

Marketing Comms Mngr Interview (Linda)

Name/title/Company fade in and out on picture bottom to start (Marriott attitude/guest experience) – perhaps with a phase in of the 3 walking down the steps passing in front of founder/son painting and phase back to Linda or separate having the steps walk after Linda

B-roll / Close

From single properties to global chains, BroadSoft Hospitality enables hoteliers to realize their loftiest goals for guest engagement and staff productivity.

Key highlights appearing and fading:

●     Carrier-grade

●     Cross property interoperability

●     Property management system integration

●     Easy management

●     Easy reporting

Ron’s quick wrap up

Name/title/Company fade in and out on picture bottom to start. Ron’s walking past the front desk, sharing a quick hand wave greeting with the staff and keeps walking looking back and forth between the camera and his smartphone. (note this MUST be very short like 5 to 10 secs because the video story is basically over now!) Ron: swiping screen, “checked in and this evening meetings are set”. Looking at camera, “WOW! Experience really is everything – and it’s all Powered by BroadSoft!” smiling and now walking away. Fade out.

Ron Ending


1.    Faster Service…

a.    Shot.. guests checking in…

2.    Enhanced Coverage:

a.    (mobile devices anywhere.. guest by the spa).

3.    Simplified tracking:

a.    Housekeeper b-roll shot..

4.    Improved communications and productivity…

a.    back office shots on the phones…

5.    Experience… is Everything.

a.    Ron walking toward camera.. pauses.. checks in.. waves..

6.    And it’s all powered… by BroadSoft

a.    Ron, too camera

Experience… is everything. And it’s all powered…. by BroadSoft.

3. Score Index After Release

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